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Glaucoma Testing & Management

Early Detection of Glaucoma Could Save Your Vision

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, an estimated 300 million Americans have glaucoma. Of those 300 million, only about half know that they have the disease.

Glaucoma is sometimes called the silent thief of sight for the way it slowly causes permanent vision loss without creating any noticeable symptoms. If glaucoma is detected early, vision loss can be prevented or delayed. But because glaucoma is asymptomatic, the only way to discover it is through regular eye exams.

Trendy Eyes Optometry offers glaucoma screening as part of every eye exam. Schedule yours today.

Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma refers to a group of conditions that compromise the optic nerve, which is responsible for transmitting visual information from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma is usually linked to a high level of intraocular pressure (IOP); however, this isn’t true with every case. Fluid builds up in the back of the eye and presses against the optic nerve, causing permanent damage. Once vision is lost, it cannot be recovered.

What is IOP?

IOP stands for intraocular pressure.

The space between the iris and the cornea is filled with a liquid called the aqueous humor. The aqueous humor is always flowing; filling and emptying from the space between the iris and the cornea simultaneously. The more liquid filling this space, the higher the intraocular pressure.

Types of Glaucoma

Open-angle glaucoma occurs when the angle between the iris and the cornea is wide enough to allow the aqueous humor to drain, but the drainage canals have become progressively clogged, causing the IOP to rise. This type of glaucoma is the most common, and develops gradually over a number of years.

On rare occasion, the angle between the iris and the cornea suddenly slams shut; trapping the aqueous humor inside the chamber. As a result of this closure, the IOP suddenly spikes.

Unlike other types of glaucoma, acute angle-closure creates very violent and noticeable symptoms. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, intense eye pain, headache, excessive tearing, blurry vision, and excessive glare or halos around lights. Acute angle-closure glaucoma is a medical emergency, and if you notice these symptoms, you need to seek immediate help.

In cases of normal tension glaucoma, the optic nerve sustains damage despite IOP falling within the normal range. Scientists do not yet know what triggers normal tension glaucoma.

Glaucoma Treatment

To treat glaucoma, it is necessary to reduce the pressure that has built up in the eye. This is achieved with special eye drops, oral medications, laser surgery, filtering surgery, or with drainage implants.

Using Advanced Technology to Detect Glaucoma

At Trendy Eyes Optometry, we believe in leveraging technology for the benefit of our patients, which is why we’ve invested in some of the best diagnostic technology available. With advanced tools and methods, we’re able to accurately diagnose glaucoma; potentially preserving huge portions of our patients’ vision.

Schedule an eye exam today and discover how we use technology to secure your eye health.

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