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Eyeglass Repair: What You Can & Can't Fix

Should You Repair or Replace?

The opticians at Trendy Eyes Optometry are experts at frame repairs and are usually able to repair your glasses if they become damaged. In some cases, however, it may be better to simply replace the lenses, the frames, or the entire pair of glasses. 

Repairing Eyeglass Lenses

Lenses are prone to scratches, even for the most cautious of eyeglass wearers. However, if the scratches begin to interfere with vision, the lenses should be repaired or replaced immediately. Having scratches obstruct the line of sight can cause eye strain and lead to headaches, so it is best to repair them as soon as possible. 

Scratch Removal

It is not possible to remove scratches in lenses without affecting the optics of the lens.  Any modification to the surface of the lens will affect the direction of the light going through the affected area.  This can lead to distortion, eyestrain, and headaches.  

What About Cracks?

Cracks in lenses cannot be repaired and must be replaced immediately to prevent chipping or breaking. Your eyes are too valuable to put at risk! Trendy Eyes Optometry has on-site lens edging and is usually able to replace your lenses quickly and easily.

woman hold glasses that are cracked and missing a lens

Repairing Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames can bend out of shape, become loose, or break after steady wear.  Your glasses should sit comfortably on your face without constantly falling down your nose or feeling too tight over the ears. Having improperly fitted frames can cause headaches and eye strain, so it is important to keep your glasses feeling comfortable.

Fortunately, if you find your glasses have become too tight or too loose, we encourage you to come in to Trendy Eyes Optometry and have one of our opticians recondition them for you. However, if you are unable to visit, you can make some small adjustments to them on your own. Just remember to be gentle to avoid damaging the frames further.

Nose Pads

Some frames have little plastic nose pads attached to the center of the glasses which sit on the nose and keep them fitted snugly. The pads can be pushed inward or outward to adjust how high or low the frames will sit on your face. Again, use care as to not break the nose pad from the frame front.

Arms and Temples

If the arms or temples on your frames have become misshapen, you may be able to carefully  bend them back into place to sit more comfortably on your face. However, if they have become drastically too loose or too snug, you should visit your optician at Trendy Eyes Optometry for a proper refitting to avoid further damage.

Loose or Missing Screws

If you notice you’ve lost a screw on your frames, or they have become loose, you can source an eyeglass repair kit from most supermarkets or drug stores. They will contain replacement screws and a small screwdriver. You can use this to tighten up your frames easily. However, be aware that there are lots of sizes of screws and not all will work on your frames. Again, the friendly opticians at Trendy Eyes Optometry are here to help.

Broken Frames

While we can repair most frame damage, sometimes, your frames will become damaged beyond repair. This can look like cracked lenses, broken arms, snapped frames, or a variety of other common issues. Most of the time, it is in your best interest to simply find a replacement from us. Fortunately, if you break your frames, the silver lining is that Trendy Eyes Optometry has tons of designer brands to choose from, so you can switch up your look!

Visit Trendy Eyes today to make sure your prescription is up to date, your glasses are fitting comfortably, and to keep your eye health a top priority. We also have in-house lens edging, so you’ll get your new frames as quickly as possible!